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Pini and the Who...


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Sorry, The other post seemed to reply to zz's show. I Kinda needed to make my point clear. Bad sound and/or what the Ox's replacement oughta beside.


Did Pino Do It. Yupper... At least in Boston...



Caught the Boston show. Enjoyed it much for what it was.


I though Pino and Zach were great. Top notch, solid support players doing a great job backing up Pete and Roger.


Anything else would have been a cover band.


Mr. Es style was built around controlling Moon. Play enough notes and the drummer HAS to follow. Hell, even the Ox backed off once moon was gone.


Still, yeah, I loved that part of it. But it wasnt just John or the windmills or Moons Mayhem. It was the idea that it could all fall apart at any moment except for.Luck(?)


Real danger. Thats not happened since the original four. And can not happen with hired guns. Bread, butter Its been discussed.


All said I thought Pino rocked. Nailed the songs/arrangements and his take on the My generation solos really took me by surprise. Well done.


Too late to see the REAL Who and Id rather see what Pete and Roger are doing with the best side men that some sort of facsimile.


My two cents. Worth slightly less.

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