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Photos from a LDLD-member show - musicman playing with Haale @ Bowery Ballroom

getz out

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I saw Ken (musicman) play his electric cello with Haale at Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan on Saturday, September 23, 2006.


Great show. A bit different compared to your average rock and roll band.




Some photos:













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Originally posted by Dr. Sweet Willie:

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

Get with a band that's booked there.


It's anyone's guess whether I'll be on the gig by then though, as the personnel of this band is constantly shifting. I'll keep you posted.


I used the POG a good deal on this gig, and it was pretty fat. You can also see my little Epi UL110 and Acoustic Image Focus2 right behind me. I love the rig ...


Thanks for the props, and for posting these, Maury ... and please air-brush out any apparent bald spot if you do it again.

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No sweat, Ken. Your acts are always fun... you seem to have a policy of only working with bands that have attractive female singers. Smart.


Haale was interesting... definitely thoughtful. I am more gripped by Michal the Girl, though... feels a bit more intimate and the lyrics grab me. You are also featured more in MtG, which, for those who have heard Ken play, is a good thing.


If I do not work late I should be at the October 3rd MtG show... I'll bring the camera again. The lighting is better at the Bitter End.

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