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Vegas tonight: where are lounge bands?


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Headed to Vegas tonight to see Toto, because I'm gigging when they play LA. Their album Falling in Between is the best CD I've bought in a long time, can't wait! Any good places to see decent bands after the show? Lon Bronson isn't playing and not sure where else to go. Someone told me there's a good dueling piano act at NY NY. Saw the blond twins in April at Harrah's. They were good, but both they and the guys that filled in for them on their break spent too much time with yucky dirty skits that were not funny, just annoying. They also spent most of the time milking the crowd with schemes to get tips. I know we working pros all need money but comeon! Won't ever be back to see them. Yuck.



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John, maybe Adrian will chime in on this one, he knows what goes on out there. Too bad Lon isn't playing. I used to catch them for years when they were playing at the Rivera. Last time I was in Vegas they were performing at the Nugget, don't know if they're still doing that gig. When I'm in Vegas it's usually on a business trip and our meetings are at the Riveria but at times have gone to the other end of the strip and caught some decent R&B groups.



I have basses to play, places to be and good music to make!
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