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Anyone in Los Angeles area with Acme Low B2 cabinets?


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I am interested in the Acme Low B-2 cabinets. Presently using SWR Goliath Junior and Mesa Boogie 15. My preamp is the Demeter V-201 and for power, I am using the Stewart World 2.1. I would love to hear just how good the Acmes are. I live in the Los Angeles area.


Thank you,


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Bright idea! One of you LA guys could buy one, then you can all try it out over the 2 week period and if no-one wants to keep it you can split the return shipping (and there are quite a few of you IIRC - in fact, thinking about the LA crowd, where's Max Valentino? Does he own any?) but I bet at least one of you will want it...



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