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Tim C

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so has anyone here heard the band bloodline, it consists of the allman brothers band's children and barry oakley's kid is the bass player so i imagine they're a pretty good band, however i have yet to hear their stuff. so i am basically asking for opinions on the band and and maybe some reccomendations of particular CD's of theirs that maybe define the group or stand out from the rest of their work.
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Found this on the Dinosaur Days website.


Bloodline - Cell Block 7, taken off their self-titled debut album, released in 1994. Bloodline are from the USA, and, as the name implies, they have a bloodline with some of the world's most acclaimed musicians. The band is made up of Berry Oakley Jnr. on lead vocals and bass (son of the late Berry Oakley, bassist for the Allman Brothers), drummer Erin Davis,(son of the late, great Miles Davis), Waylon Krieger on guitars (son of The Doors' Robbie Krieger), keyboard player Lou Segreti and guitarist Smokin' Joe Bonamassa, with the awesome Warren Haynes (Allmans/Gov't Mule) helping out on slide guitar on one track. Bloodline are one of the countless examples of the many potentially great bands that exist in the vastness that is the USA. You have to be damn good to make the big time there, what with so many talented and blessed musicians doing the rounds, and these young musicians, like the Derek Trucks, Jonny Langs and Kenny Wayne Shepherds of the world, are the next generation of superstars. Bloodline's music is tight, funky, bluesy at times, and has a wicked hard rock edge which reminds one a bit of the now sadly defunct Cry of Love. We can't find a trace of any other albums by this promising band, but don't be surprised if these talented youngsters pitch up in other bands soon, if they haven't already. Thanks to Viv Bannatyne for introducing us to this fresh talent, and for the loan of the CD.


That's all I know. Sounds interesting, though.
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