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Fender Studio Bass


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Welcome to the forum, please hang around and get to know us.


For starters - you may have noticed that no one jumped on your question, which is good because you did not get flamed, but not so good because it proves that we are not vintage gear dealers or appraisers. In fact, the only thing I can offer is this LINK to H-C reviews - each review shows the price the person paid for their amp. In this case, the prices are quite different.

- Matt W.
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Welcome to the forum.


I can't imagine that your amp is worth a lot of money.


Now this is funny: someone is selling a 1978 Fender Studio Bass Amplifier Vintage Music Advertisement on eBay for $9.99.


Judging from the picture, the amp is not going to usable for much more than a practice amp. A lot has happened in amp technology over the last 30 years and the only amps that are collectible are tube amps. Your amp is solid-state and as far as I know, no one is collecting "vintage solid state amps" at present.

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