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Status basses... Any good?


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I've been looking around to upgrade my starter bass already and came across this company and website




The models it shows look AWESOME but seems they only custom build new ones. I been looking at the forum from the website and they seem to think Status basses are the best things since sliced bread.


Has anyone ever tried one of these out?


If they sound as good as they look I will have to sell a kidney for a Stealth model with LEDs in the fret board! :D



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They are excellent basses and a very worthy upgrade if you go that route! Here is a link to the Status Forum. You can get any info you need there as well as hook up with some owners that may be selling used basses or know where some might be.


I have several very nice basses, but would really like to add a Status to my collection some day...


Good Luck!



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That would be quite an upgrade! I've never layed hands on one, but would love to...there was one for sell on Ebay that I believe did not sell. Search completed auctions and contact the seller...he may sell it to you outright.



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Woven graphite is probably the coolest material ever, even so that I'm in the progress of adding a few "things" made out of it in to several of my basses.


Status has, for a long time, been on my shortlist of manufacturers to check out, but unfortunately that would probably require a trip to the UK (which actually might happen soon w/ the band).

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I had a Status back in the late 80's, great basses, but alas, after a few years, it got traded in on a Kubicki. Status basses are wonderful instruments especially if you like a really clear snappy sound.
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