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Giving you guys the heads up...

Grant Sharkey

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Hey guys,


It's a bit spammy - for which i apologise - but i thought i'd give you guys the heads up on a little deal we're doing with the remainder of the CDs we knocked up for the US 'tour' we did in Feb.


There isn't that many left and I thought it would be cool to give people who play bass/drums the opportnity to get they're hands on it before it heads out of the door forever.


We only printed up 300 with thanks to Bob Nyswonger (The Bears, Psychodots, Bucket) - who saved our asses when we'd sold out of albums here and had none left to send over to the US for the tour.


If you're in the mood for some duel bass punk phunk with drums and slight level of humour, then head over to the myspace or the website for more details.


www.myspace.com/toupe or www.toupe.co.uk


There is a special price for the US people and a different one for the UK/Euro/Aus people - so make sure you click the right button. And the price includes the postage and packing.


Thanks for listening guys and gals- I know most of you won't give a good hot one for this, but it's worth a shot. :)

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A definite MUST HAVE!!

How many other cd's do you have that feature dual bass and drums? Excellent!!



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