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What am I doing Wrong?


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What am I not doing, or what am I doing wrong? I Meet ppl and we talk they tell me they got something in the works, and to give them my number they may be able to use me, but I never hear from them. A few ppl here have heard me play, they tell me once ppl hear me and know I'm here things will change. Ive posted my name at music stores, but nothing. I check out bands at the clubs, and some of them are using guitar players on bass. What do I need to do to get myself at least heard?


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The two best ways to get in with a band, and to get established, are these in my experience...


Go to as many blues jams and open-mic nights in your area as you can.




You need to be pro-active about starting your own band project. And the best way to do this is to advertise for a singer or singer/guitarist, or to go out and find one at a local blues jam or open-mic night.


Once two people have a plan, with regard to the kind of music they would like to play together, and a possible selection of songs they both like as a potential repertoire, it's very easy to make things happen from there. After this stage it's just a matter of advertising for, and auditioning the other players you need. University campuses are a great source for young and hungry musicians, by the way.


And as a good friend of mine likes to say...


"Always choose the people you think will make the best bandmates, not just the best musicians."


I have not always followed this rule, but they are wise words.



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Man I don't know what its like where you are but here I could If I wanted be in any number of bands (its not that I'm any good its just I'm breathing and own a bass, they are always looking bass players!


Why don't ya just start your own band? In fact get a drummer and the rest should be easy.


Persistence is the key.


Good Luck.

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I agree with EdenDude and Seamy on all fronts.

Hit all the jam nights and run an add in the local rag to form your own project. You don't even need solid ideas - just see what kind of people you draw to you.

The universe provides bud.

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People need to hear you play with other people. Sit in with people at your level or a little better.


Find a teacher that gigs a lot. I used to let a few of my good students sit in on a couple of my blues gigs (CLEAR IT WITH THE BANDLEADER FIRST). One of them ended up subbing on my gig and when my schedule could no longer accommodate that particular gig, he eventually replaced me. I was proud.

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EZ, definitely show up at those open mike jams and challenge yourself to play whatever comes up. What you know becomes a chance for you to strut your stuff, and what you don't know should be on your agenda for the next day's practice session.


I'd also recommend getting some business cards together with the phone numbers you choose to be reached at. For instance, I only give out my home and work numbers because I prefer to reserve my cell to friends and serious inquiries. The cards is a subliminal way of indicating you're serious about promoting yourself.


Keep some kind of a calendar with you for scheduling things; the more you play out, the more important it is to be organized.


Finally, come up with some rates for your services based on what the regular working guys get out there. Playing for free you can do forever, but if the band is making a few hundred playing at a first-rate club, you deserve a little something for the hours of moving and setting up equipment, not to mention all that stage time, learning songs, rehearsals, etc. I'll leave that up to you because I'm not familiar with your geographic area and what musicians are getting there.

You'll be working in no time, like the rest of us. :thu:

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I'd say edendude, fred, and seamy pretty much nailed it, but i have a modest contribution to make as well.


I suggest making a tape or cd (actually multiple ones) of yourself playing, kind of like a one man demo tape, show off your skills, and also show you're capable of just straight forward musical contribution. When you meet said people, give them a copy and just let them know you're serious. From my experiences people like a bandmate who treats music not only as a fun activity, but serious business as well. Most people are usually just apprehensive because they don't know your level of commitment.


Or you could just start your own band, as other already said hit all the local open jams. If you don't know where the local jams are start making phone call to bars, you'll be bound to find one eventually. Either way you end up in a band, right?


And, again, as others have said, maintain persistence, keep doing everything you've been doing to try to find a band, just do more along with it. One of your approaches is bound to pan out eventually


Good luck finding a band.

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EZ, for the last few years I've been approaching this from the other direction, being the band leader and putting a band together. It's not easy this way round either - in fact it's probably even more painful! My gf is amazed at quite how many musicians I've worked with, and at any point I'm always prepared to find myself a solo artist once again... But maybe it will eventually all work out, so I shall keep soldiering on.


Keep persisting, you never know what's round the corner!



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Lots of excellent advice given, I have just one thing to add.


Tim C. recommended making some sample recordings and this is really an important key, but why not create a simple website for yourself where you can post them? In my area, bands often refuse to call someone in for an audition if they don't provide links to sound clips. Your clips are your resume.


If you already have recordings of yourself, post them someplace. If you don't, creating some should be your next step, then post them somewhere where they can be accessed. If you don't know HTML or don't want the hassle of creating something from scratch, you could even add them to your Myspace.com page.


Good luck.

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Keep on keepin' on, dude. If you do, you'll find someone to play with. I agree with what was said above about getting some cards ans so on. Get your name out there, and network, network network. You shouldn't have to wait too awfullyulong; people decent bass players are not easy to come by, especially if they have the gear to do the job.

Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else.





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