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Epifani Epiphany?


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Please, someone who is down with the Epifani Quest II Preamp, could you extol the virtues or spotlight the limitations of this unit?


It's selling for very little money at MegaFiend.com.

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I know as much about this unit as does getz76.


A sad state of affairs indeed!


Ask the guys at The Groove Shoppe for some insights. They are certainly pro-Fodera and pro-Epifani, but I do believe that they will try to provide you with valid information.



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add me to the pile of people who don't really know anythig about the epifani. but i guess it didn't sell that well for what nick wanted. i'm sure it sounds good if super-clean is your thing, but i wouldn't expect anything else. for $500, it's probably pretty hard to beat -- it was probably designed to compete with studio channel strips costing much more.



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Ah, the Epifani site reveals all:


Why is the Quest 2 being discontinued?

While the Quest 2 offered the user an amazing device for recording instruments, it was decided that the Quest was too large to easily move around and the 2 channel design was a bit redundant in a multi-track recording environment.


In discussing "real world" applications for this type of technology with our Advisory Board we've come to the conclusion that a "desk top" device would offer more solutions to the challenges bassists face when recording. We are currently working on employing the Quest technology in a form factor more suited to the demands placed on the modern recording musician.


If I want to buy the Quest 2 how can I get one?

Through an exclusive arrangement with Musician's Friend you can purchase a Quest at an extremely reduced price. Quantities are limited and once the units are sold they will be gone. Check their website for details.


Will the Quest 2's that are sold be covered under warranty?

Of course! Epifani will cover any and all warranty claims for the products we sell. Parts will be available and should the need arrive to service the unit, we'll repair or replace the components in a timely fashion.

Damn, I may have to jump on this. I really would like to get into pedals (for manageable GAS...craving synths is a very expensive habit), and I think this is the cheapest way to get an "impedance matcher". :)

"For instance" is not proof.


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