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New amp


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Ok, so as you all may or may not know, I've just bought a new 6 string rogue bass...


Well, I have a Rogue 50W amp and its not producing the sounds I want it to, maybe because I got it used, but what ever. I'm thinking about getting a new amp, within the price range of $200-250, yah I know its not much but its all I have to work with.


I was thinking about a Behringer BX1200 Ultrabass 120W, $199.99 you can see it here.


Please post your comments and opinions.


Thank you,


Jim :D:)

Music- Punk, Rock, Metal and anything in between
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Congrats on the new bass!


There has been some discussion here about the Behringer bass amps. Do a Search, I can't remember all the comments, but I believe that the comments were generally favorable.


I would also recommend that you check out used equipment. You should be able to find some used bass combos at any decent sized music store. Peavey, GK and Crate are all good choices.


Good luck and keep us informed. :wave:

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SlapNutz...In my humble opinion, it depends what you are planning to do with the amp? Personal practice at home? Small club gigs? If you are planning to use the amp for personal use at home, it would probably be a little too big. I personally would suggest that you purchase based upon the largest gig you think you will play in the next few years. I know it's hard to say, but you can always turn an amp down if it's too large and overpowering. On the other hand, having too small of a rig is a REAL bummer. I'm by no means a professional yet, but that's the way I see it. The down side of this is that a larger rig is heavier and harder to move. It also takes up more space. Go for something in between. This little Behringer is, IMHO too little. Save up or use that money to buy you an intermediate head unit...say 250 or 300 watts. Used ones can easily be found. Then you need to look for a cab, perhaps a good 2x10 or even a 4x10. Just an idea...


Love God...Love People!



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Kinda feel like a traitor :) but check out Talkbass. Sometimes can find a good deal there but be cautious. The feedback forum has been pulled in favor of a new 'ebay' type system so its all new.


Since I heard Ariane Cap (Tempest-a celtic rock band from the bay area) play thru a Nemesis NC410 last year, been GAS'in for one. Beautiful tone and plenty of power and portability too. more power than my half stack and lighter than the cab to boot.

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I tried out quite a few small combo's a while back when I was looking for something portable for church rehearsals. I wasn't very impressed with most of them, all the Behringer's included (just my humble opinion though). I'd crank the lows on my 5-string to see which ones farted out easily...just about all of them did. The only ones that I found that didn't were the Ampeg BA-115 (100 watts), Ampeg Rocket 100R (100 watts, and sounded better than the BA-115 IMHO), Nemesis NC-210, Fender Bassman60 (60 watts), and surprisingly the Fender Bassman30 (30 big watts).


If you looking for a gig-size rig (something that will compete with a loud drummer and 1-2 guitars), I'd say you need 300-400 watts and a decent 410 or equivalent (two 210's or a 210 and 115, etc). The cheapest decent stuff I can think of right off would be a Hartke 3500 head and a Carvin RL-410 or Peavey TVX-410 cab. Some folks also feel like the Avatar cabs are a great value...I'll bet you could snag one of those pretty cheap used. My first rig was that 350 watt Hartke head and a Peavey 1516 cab (one 15 and two 8's, no horn), and in all honesty it was pretty decent and quite loud. You ought to be able to find one of those Hartke heads for $200 or so, Carvin cab around $200, Avatar cab probably considerably less than $200, not positive about the Peavey 410, so check Ebay, local craigslist, local paper, local stores.


Just as a side note, there's a used Fender Bassman60 at the MusicGoRound in Cary, NC (near me) for asking price of $200 (negotiate negotiate negotiate). It's 60 watts with a horn, and I didn't play this particular one, but one I've played one of these before that sounded really good...*might* be loud enough to compete with a quiet drummer and a guitarist who knows that the volume knob on his amp has more than two positions (off and on). Check www.musicgoround.com. I kind of hate to send business to them (the owner is a jerk), but I put helping a bass brother at a higher priority. Also check Ebay. Here's one: Fender Bassman 60 on Ebay . If you just looking for a practice amp, the little Fender Bassman 30 sounds great. (The Fender Rumble series is crap though, IMHO.)


I've heard some very good things about some of the Ashdown combo's, but I've never tried one. I've played through a small 100watt 12" combo amp at church rehearsal that sounded decent and didn't fart...jeez, it's the other UK mfg (green on the face), but the name just won't come to me. UPDATE: It's a Trace Elliot combo.


Oh, one other came to mind...an old Peavey TNT115 or similar. It's a heavy combo, but they're loud and sound pretty good.


Many of the small combo's with horns really annoy me. I think they tend to use cheap crossover's in them, and (to me) the horn sounds like it's in another room (phasing issue caused by the cheap crossover). The horn does add quite a bit of brightness though. However, some of the combo's without horns are surprisingly bright...the Ampeg B100R comes to mind...I could hardly tell it's only a 15 with no horn (and this is why I think it sounds better than the BA-115...the BA-115 is much brighter, but again it's horn sounds like it's in another room).


Sorry for the jumble of thoughts...hope this helps.



Old bass players never die, they just buy lighter rigs.

- Tom Capasso, 11/9/2006


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