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There are at least three drummers (or 2 and a half) really who frequent this forum: bassdrummer, David Sisk and myself (the half). So if you have any drummer related stuff, we're bound to chip in.




"We will make you bob your head whether you want to or not". - David Sisk
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SlapNutz, I played drums as a hobby for several years too. I'll be glad to add my two-cents as well!



-- Joe --


"If you think you're too old, then you are." --Lemmy Kilmister

"I have not seen a man who is not god already." --Austin Osman Spare

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I'm reminded of something that zeronyne posted some time ago:


Couplet = Verse

Pont = Bridge

Refrain = The only part drunks remember

E7 = things the drummer doesn't know




The drum forum did go away when these forums got restructured to resemble and tie into the magazines that are offered by the host.

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