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do it yourself its not that hard on a p bass if its just one pickup you run the pickup wire to the volume to the tone to the jack. if you have the bidge too itspickupwires blend or switch volume tone jack. save some money and do it yourself, i rewired mine and its sounds good for what it is.

I knew a girl that was into biamping,I sure do miss



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Sunny, read up on soldering technique before you jump into the wiring on the inside of your bass. No one likes to clean up other people's messes. Soldering is easy if you have the right gear and understand what needs to happen.


What style of music are you making? That might influence your choice. There are lots of pickup reviews on harmony central and at bgra.net

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Firstly, it's not hard to install them yourself, but if you've never soldered before, I'd advise checking out a few of the links found here:




RE: The Dimarzio pups, I'm currently using Dimarzio Ultra Jazz pups in my bass, and loving them.


Learning how to mod you own bass is great fun. Go for it!



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