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Pickups Replacement on Warwick Corvette Std 5


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Hello everybody, i have some problem with my new subj bass, cause stock MEC JJ pickups are noisy.

I wanna replace it with any noiseless pickups, so i have some questions about it.


1. If I already have warvick onboard preamp, can I use active bass pickups, such as EMG , Bartolini or Seymoure Duncan Basslines, or i must buy only passive models?


2. I mostly want to use Seymore Duncan SJB-5(passive), but neck and bridge has different dimensiones, 3,740 and 3,618 inch's(94 and 92 mm)

and distance between screws different too(about 0,12 inch(2-3 mm). MEC pickups(stock on Warwick) are the same on neck and bridge(3,7 inch(93 mm)

If I will replace to the complect (neck+bridge) will it be big problems with screw holes? And If i'll buy two bridge pickups, will it ''be problems with disbalance of output impedance?


I cant take new pickups for test, cause i can't find any goods in musical stores , and i will order them by delivering servises


Thanks for possibly help. Excuse me for my english

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