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My FIRST major Gig: Report


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Blessings all.

I've been away too long.....missed the lot of you. It is scorching HOT over here. Never seen anything like it. DUSTY too :mad: .


We had our first major gig on saturday. A mate of mine owns a huge Discotheque which was celebrating 14 years. We were first on stage and all reports agree that we ROCKED! :thu: 2 giant screens, superb lighting, sound! It was irie.

A few set backs though:

1. The lead singer didn't show! I was PISSED OFF :mad: . Female singers are a headache over this way. We managed to pull thru and nobody missed her in the end. She's now pissed that we didn't wait for her :D . She came TWO HOURS AFTER our set! :eek:

2. The UHF system I borrowed gave me stress so I used the reliable cable which was also a pain (no movement). I'm determined to buy the Samson wireless system for my axe. ;)

3. My bass keeps getting outta tune, especially the A string. It must be when I put the bass back in the gig bag, it kinda knocks the peg out of place. I'm thinking hard about geting a headless bass.



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that sucks that your lead singer didn't show. did anyone sing at all?


have you considered looong 1/4" cables? i use an 18ft cable that keeps me tethered, yes...but i also have a good deal of space to work with.




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Congrats on the first gig -- nothing like it, is there?


A couple suggestions:


-- Two words for the lead singer: you're fired. One thing you don't need in the band is an arrogant flake who can't tell time.


-- Lose the wireless -- more trouble than they're worth. Invest in a good quality cable.


-- Buy a tuner and tune before each set.


Again, congratulations and enjoy!

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Worse still, she's never apologised. Only sent me an sms today about a gig we were meant to have tomorrow :mad::mad: !!

I do have a 15ft Planet Waves cable but I wanna have an option of the wireless. The Samson Airline looks tempting... ;)

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For tuning: One of those boss pedal tuners would be nice because you can mute and tune on stage at anytime you want.


For the singer: I had a girl singer in my band as well. She would rarley come to practice or would be late so we let her go. If she keeps it up, i'm sorry to say you might have to do the same.

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you mean the singer shows up 2 hours late, doesn't understand why you didn't wait for her, and assumes you're going to use her again? the vulgarity of any comment i could make here would probably get me booted from the forum.


and yeah, a tuner is a must have. there's no way your instrument will stay completely in tune during transit. it's a good idea to check troughout the set as well. you might as well play the instrument you're happy with and drop a few extra bucks on a decent tuner (they can be had VERY cheaply) rather than spend a lot more bread on an instrument you're not as happy with just because it's headless.

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Happy New Year all! To those that are freezing... :( It's still too damn hot over here.

I happen to have a Korg Chromatic tuner, and I do have a case that had to stay in the UK. It was too heavy....was recommended by Jeremy C; the one where you can put the gig bag as well. :thu:


I have a gig to launch my new album on the 25th Jan. Hopefully all will be well. I have got some pretty wicked backing singers from the church...3 young men :thu: ! I'll fill you in on how it goes.

One Love, and all the best in 2006! :)

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Hey, good to hear that you made good on your gig despite the volcalist. I'm with EPB...I'm too much of a clutz to have a gig bag (plus the singers BS). I even had a wreck coming home from practice late at night, and the case saved my guitar(which was in the front seat when the air-bags went off). I'd also be lost without my Boss TU-2 on the floor in front of me. It stays on constantly. I plug into it first, patch into a EB volume pedal, then patch into a SansAmp BassDriver DI/preamp. The TU-2 I got at GC for >$100. Keep us posted!





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