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hey guys i wanted to know if any of you have ever read books like "the inner game of music" by barry green or "the art of practicing" by madeline bruser


they have really helped understand many things about practice and have given me a confidence boost i needed....


what do you think?!?!?

Is it ignorance or apathy? Hey, I don't know and I don't care.
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Why stop at music-specific titles? There's all kinds of great books on various sciences, books on drawing or art from the right side of the brain, studies on creativity, stuff on mathematical patterns found in nature and also expressed in overtone series, all the cool stuff on Mandelbrots, and then all the metaphysical and spiritual insights from ages past to present that can go anywhere.
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I went to a clinic one time at TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association) convention where Barry Green was speaking.


I cannot express to you how utterly sweet a guy he is.


I mentioned in the Bass Magic thread about Dr. James Jordan; his "The Musican's Spirit" and "The Musicians Soul" are great books.


"Effortless Mastery" by Kenny Warner.


And some others are found in: Reading books about music is a good idea.

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