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An early X-mas present from Helion


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Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated. The main reason for this recording was to have something to throw to the record company we're having The Talk with. And also to have something to give to our fans (both of them :P ).


I used my Ibanez BTB406 (6-string) with 3 tracks, 1 clean DI and 2 distorted ones through guitar stuff (Tech21 PSA-1, Mesa 2:50 tube poweramp, Marshall 4x12" cab miced).


The story behind the doorhandles is that the chromed handles of the door to the lounge (where the band can chill, eat, sleep etc.) kept falling off due to lack of proper screws (the studio was remodeled a short while ago and work is still a bit in progress). So when it was time to record the intro to the song (it features various ethnic insturments) I took them to the booth and gave 'em a bit of a rattle. It's the metallic rattling noise you hear on the intro. I also played my shirt, but that didn't end up in the track :rolleyes: .


Originally posted by Dr. Sweet Willie:

'nax, I wonder how your contributions would've sounded played on a 6-string fretless.

Considering my current fretless chops, I'd have to say a whole lot worse, especially those chords in the beginning of the last chorus. If I only had a nice 6-str fretless to practice with ;) ...



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