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Stanley Clarke


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I caught Stanley's show Tuesday night at the Ramshead in Annapolis, MD. This was the 2nd time this year I've seen Stanley. As impressed as I was the first time, Tuesday night (for me at least) was even better.


1st time around was Stanley's 5 piece band. Tuesday night was his trio featuring Ronald Bruner on drums and Ruslan Sirota on keyboards.


You owe it to yourself to see this show. The "kids" who joined with Stanley for this performance are going to be around for awhile and are two truly phenomenal players.


Both are about age 23. Ronald Bruner started playing at 2 and began playing professionally at 15(!) and I'm not talking about local garage bands when I say professionally. Ruslan was born in the Ukraine and then moved to Israel where he was "discovered" by Stanley.


I had seats right next to the stage and specifically, right next to Ronald (drummer). As close as I was to him, at times the young man was simply a blur. One of the most amazing drummers I've ever seen and I've seen Lenny White, Brufford, etc. I got one of his drumsticks for my girlfriend and he was good enough to autograph it for her.


Ruslan soloed on keys, comped some bass parts while SC was soloing, played ryhtmn and really provied the glue to hold it all together.


Stanley was awesome as usual and did all the tunes you expected to hear with just bass, keys and drums.


I've seen Stanley Clarke a number of times all the way back to the 1970's and I must say that this concert was as good as any of them!




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:thu: Glad to hear it. Stanley Clarke is one of my all time favorite players and I'm happy to hear he's still kicking ass and taking names. Could you make out what kind of rig he was playing through?

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The "front-end" of the rig was all rack mounted components and from a distance it's hard to make out exactly what they are. There were 2 power amps so it appeared to me he was bi-amping. Speakers were all SWR - one 4x10 and two 1x15 cabs.


He played his signature Alembics (2 of them) and his old (German I think) upright bass.


The electirc bass was compressed and running through some sort of chorus.




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