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Neck flexibility on MM Stingray


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OK kids. I've had the Stingray 5 for a few weeks now and I've noticed something about it: the neck is really flexible.


Let me explain.


Much more so than any of my other basses, I can take the top of the neck and bend the hell out of it. As in VERY visibly move is back and forth to create vibrato or whatever. I can move it so much that it makes me a bit nervous/concerned. I dont really use this little trick all that often any way, but a few days ago I did it and was shocked at the amount of movement. And I didnt even grab the top of the headstock, which is what I have to do to get any respectable vibrato on my other basses; I just strong armed it from the ~3rd fret.


Anyone else notice this about these basses? My Sterling isnt like that, so its not a MM in general thing. Maybe the truss rod is just really slack on it? That seems like the most logical explanation. My action is really low, like it is on all my other basses, and the neck is straight/setup properly (Chad at BassNW did a full setup for me when I bought it). ??? Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this about these basses.


Discuss. Thank you, drive through.

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I don't know anything about the problem or MMs in general. I do, however, know that I can get a half-decent vibrato from either bending the string slightly or giving it a good wiggle (like on URB) which I guess probably comes from slightly bending the neck. I would have never even thought to grab a bass by the headstock to bend the neck for vibrato. Do you do that often?
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Gotcha. I guess my years on URB have made me hesitant to use open strings in most cases but I can definitely see your point with harmonics and the occational open string.


Again, sorry I can't be of much help with the problem. What is the neck made of?

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What they didn't tell you is that this is an experimental bass neck, and they are watching you (like a bad reality show) to see how it works. It is part of a new, more flexible instrument that MusicMan is developing. The ergonomics and style are begin done by the same company that makes Slinkys. It will be called the Boingo.


OK OK - I'm driving through already.




Acoustic Color


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I can do that with mine, but I wouldn't say in an extreme fashion as you've described. Interesting.


Obviously the black-on-black color w/ black strings has meant that the loud playing has loosened everything up. :D


You can also do vibrato on the open strings and harmonics by pushing down on the strings beyond the nut. But you knew that... :P;)


Peace. :cool:

--Dub $$



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I told Bump I had searched deep and far for an image grab of Adrian Belew bending the neck of his guitar into a pretzel and back on the Laurie Anderson DVD/video HOME OF THE BRAVE. I would have labeled it, "Is it THIS bad, Bump?"


Oh, well. It's the THOUGHT that counts.

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I haven't experienced this on my SR5...in fact, the neck seems pretty darned rigid. You might want to go post something about this on the Musicman forum at ErnieBall.com...just a thought.



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They are a little bendy compared to my p bass and my Lulls, but not as bendy as some cheapos I have here and certainly not anything that concerns me. I used to own a 'Ray 5 and never had problems. I suppose the lack of graphite reinforcement and a hard finish would make that kind of difference. There is even a bit of difference between a Bongo 5 and a 'Ray 5 that I'm noticing. I'm not cranking on them or anything. *SNAP* :eek:
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