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Musicians Horoscope November 2005

Big Red 67

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Musicians Horoscope: November 2005 By: The Big Red 67



Aries - (March 21 April 19) Set your self free from the daily routine of your life. You have magic to make. Let go of the idea that you must do what is expected and rise above. You have a tendency to do what is needed of you. Disregard the normal fabric of your life and aim to create a golden thread. You can be the reason that the tapestry of life can be a miracle.


Taurus (April 20 May 20) It is no secret that you have lived life like a Punk Rocker in a China shop! This lifestyle has lost its shine for you and is keeping you stuck. It is time for you to have a rebellion against this Tazmanian ideal and explore your fun and silly side. Create songs to make children laugh and play. Or better yet, find a tree somewhere and climb it. Take your guitar and play from the treetops!



Gemini (May 21 June 20) You have two competing forces right now. On one hand you believe that you will be successful regardless of the appetence of the lack of evidence that it will happen. Yet in the shadows somewhere the It will never work credo echoes through your mind. Embrace both! You will find that the pessimist in you will prove to be false, at the same time finding creativity in the most mundane places.



Cancer (June 21 July 22) You find yourself confined by the standard roles of creatively for you. Those who taught you to fit well into the place that you have chosen did the job well. The planning you have done to learn to create is well in place and right now it is holding you back. Your current block can be magically dissipated, but not without a certain madness being embraced. Go buy a recorder or a flute and dont learn how to play it, just improvise! You will find great joy in going crazy right now!!!



Leo (July 23 August 22) Everyday is a holiday for you to celebrate right now. Make today horary for me day. Tell everyone that this is the most important holiday ever, because it is! Next chose a day this month to be a musical holiday. Have a party and invite all your friends to share music together. Invite your neighbors too! Dont leave anyone out that needs to celebrate this event; you deserve to be a wild child. Dont let a day go by with out the feeling that this day is the best day of your life!


Virgo (August 23 September 22) Although most of the desert is dry and barren, it is surprising how much life it has. The desert is also home to great and beautiful oases. In some places the water springs from the ground and creates paradise. You are that oasis. Surrounded by the barren straits that lack creativity, you are a home to those who have lost the way. You are a source of vision and magic.



Libra (September 23 October 22) You have a great surprise in store for you. The catch is that you will have to escape a duty that is standing in the way. Dont be afraid to tell them your Aunty June passed. The reward is well worth the guilt. In fact the surprise in store is enough to completely overcome any possible guilt, so do whatever is necessary to make sure you do not miss this inspiration for creation!



Scorpio (October 23 - November 21) You have been feeling stuck in a rut lately, and confined. The current state of things doesnt allow you to escape these facts. However it is a great opportunity to improvise!!! Make lemons into lemonade!!! Turn the noise into music. Turn the silent spaces into meditations. Just because you are where you are, doesnt mean it isnt the best place in the world for you to be!



Sagittarius (November 22 December 21) You are a fountain of poetic and creative forces right now, however do not let them bubble out of you right away. These ideas and inspirations need to simmer in you for them to be ready to present to the world, and presents to the world they will definitely be!! Hold them, nurture them, and let them nurture you before loosing them on the world, and the world will thank you!



Capricorn (December 22 January 19) You are the closest you have ever been to having a balance of heart, mind and body. You have been plagued in the past by contradictions that have caused you to feel that you are a hypocrite. Drop the doubt because forces of the creative universe are bringing pieces of the puzzle into place. If you let them! Drop all the arguments that your mind sees and, Let it Be! There will be an answer, Let it Be.



Aquarius (January 20 February 18) You will be coming into the realm of a great teacher in 2005. The likes of Bach or Mozart in the field that you want to follow. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Will you welcome this teacher with open arms, or reject them? Remember: appearance can be deceiving. One famous blues guitarist in the town where I live is now a bum with no money and no hope. Would you let that stand in the way?



Pisces (February 19 March 20) Are we to be treated with more respect as a person due to the level of talent that we have, or is every one to be treated the same and encouraged to develop the talents that they have? This is an issue that you will be dealing with in many different ways in the coming weeks. Make sure that you have thought it through before you decide to take a stand. One way or the other you will need to take a stand, you will have no other choice.



The Big Red 67 is an artist, a musician, and a spirit. This is to entertain and encourage you. Please do all you can to make the greatest possible use of these words and encourage other artists and musicians to find their dreams and make them real. You can contact me at: thebigred67@yahoo.com, or see my art and music at www.frinkism.com under the name thebigred67 in the Frinkism collective. I am also a regular contributor to the low down lowdown and guitar forums @ www.musicplayer.com.

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