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String & case recommendations?

DC Ross

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Hey all,


I'm mainly a guitarist, but I really enjoy playing bass as well. I may be auditioning in a couple of weeks for a local band, so it's time for me to get it together.


My bass needs a setup and new strings; I'll be taking it to Mike Lull tomorrow and would like some opinions on strings. I'm looking for a specific sound & feel: Full, fat, round, and big. Not twangy, overly bright or too punchy. I prefer the feel of flatwound or groundwound strings, but I'm open to suggestions.

I definitely won't be slapping & popping -- just not my style. I'm a big fan of Roger Waters' style and sound.


Here's a list of strings I'm curious about:


Elixir Polyweb

Fender Super Bass

Fender Stainless Bass

Fender Stainless Flatwound

GHS Boomer medium

SIT Power Wound

Warwick Yellow Label

La Bella Hard Rockin' Steel

La Bella Quarter Round

D'Addario Half Round

DR Bootzilla

DR Black Beauties


I also need a case; the Conklin one that's made for it looks kind of cheesy. Is there a decent hardshell that'll work well?


Here's a pic of the fish (that's my wife's Geddy Lee behind it) :)





-DC Ross

It's not simple to be simple.

-H. Matisse


Ross Precision Guitars

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Smith Brite Flats, Dean Markley or Labella flats, Thomastick-Infeld flats which are really a different type of string all together, and rather low tension with complex mids but not so bright, GHS Brite Chromes, D'Addario Half Rounds, the Dean Markley ones that are ground alomg the fretboard but round over the pickups, etc.


Cool Conklin! They kind of rip you on the cases though.

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I've been using the same set of Thomastiks (Jazz Flats) for a 1.5 years. They still sound great, and I'll not replace them anytime soon.


So $60 is not that much, really.


Make sure you have the new strings on before the set-up...but then you know that already.


I'd be investing in a nice bag for that bass. A good leather one would protect it pretty well...we just had a thread about bass bags with good recommendations.

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Thanks, Dave, it's good to hear first hand experience. I'll take it over a thousand opinions anyday :D I'll see if I can find them locally.


I'm really looking for a decent hardshell case that'll fit, like an SKB. I went to GC yesterday, but they didn't have anything that would have worked. Musicians Friend lists the Conklin one, but it looks like it might not hold up as well. Is there anyone here that uses one? Are there others that you Conklin players use?



It's not simple to be simple.

-H. Matisse


Ross Precision Guitars

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Fair enough... but I think you'll have a problem finding a "standard" hardshell that will immobilize the Conklin for a price less than you paid for the Conklin. Those standard rectangular without the "form fitting" interior aren't worth a damn; drop your case -> case hits ground -> impact -> case stops moving -> bass continues to move inside the case -> impact -> bass in multiple pieces. (interia sucks).


Those standard cases will usually only fit Fenders.


The only alternative I can think of is a gun case from Pelican with Pick'n'Pluck foam. I haven't used a Pelican case with a bass or guitar, but I do use their cases for all of my microphone and camera equipment. I'm not sure if they are big enough, though:




Check out the #1750.

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