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Bass pedal (ebay)

x Nathan x

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What is your quest? To wonder at the marvel of a brilliant new musical with lots of singing, dancing and fake swordplay? Or is your quest simply to enjoy the perfect sandwich? To find something better to have with your eggs whilst in the morning shade of your finest shrubbery? Well, noble crusader, look ye no further. This golden honey and premium pork treat will fulfill your every want, you peckish nibbly avatar! - Sponsored by the SPAMalot Chamber of Commerce and the Crazy Tasty Committee for a more flavorful America.


FULLY COOKED, READY TO EAT-COLD OR HOT. Taketh thine SPAM slices and fry it thusly for exactly 2 minutes. No more, no less. 1 minute is too little, and yet 3 minutes be far longer than thou needeth. Then thou flippeth the SPAM and repeateth these instructions until it be crispy and browned upon both sides of this most tasty provision. The resulting divine creation shalt be lobbed into thine mouth rapidly. For this is the law of SPAM Golden Honey Grail.


Federal regulations prevent us from putting any funny words in this area. But if we could, it would most certainly be a hilarious reference to Monty Python's SPAMalot and with such Medieval flair as to consume you with riotous laughter.




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