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Dave Gallagher

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As I am getting back into music after very long time away I bought a Schecter D4 to get back playing again. This is a very nice bass at a low price.

When I get my playing chops back again I am going to buy a Warwick fretless.

I went to a local music shop and played almost every bass in stock. I found the Warwick to be the best instrument I have ever played. I bought the Schecter just to get used to playing again. I thought it best not to go without frets after so many years.

Anyone else like the Schecter Bass?

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Never played a Schecter, so I will not comment on those.


I have played the Warwick, though not a fretless. I share your evaluation. I do not yet own one, but I will.


Soon; very soon.

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A decent gigging amp will run you at leat $1,000 new, probably $650-$700 used.


Don't be afraid to buy used. "Try before you buy" with new or used.


Get at least 350 watts. Solid state is easy to maintain and less expensive.


Definitely consider a seperate preamp and power amp setup.


Choose speaker cabinets that suit you. I like my 410, some people love 210s and 115s. The 410 is heavy though and difficult to load in/out without a bit of help.


Use the "search" function here. Small blue letters at the top of your screen under the "Post a new topic" button. Plenty of topics.


Major brands: Peavey, Ampeg, Gallien-Krueger, Ashdown, Aguilar, Mesa Boogie, Carvin, SWR, & Hartke.

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I own a shecter and I like it a lot. I have a C-5 diamond series and it was a great deal, but I have played a Warwick when recording and I liked it better. Warwicks are amazing, Schecters are awsome, I like them both.

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