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OT -- Carvin BBS


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God I hate corporate America...


For those of you that frequent the Carvin website/BBS, they did a redesign today.


Well, the redesign was all done in small grey lettering against a black background, making it very difficult to read.


So I posted that the thing must have been designed for 'Goth eagles' who love black and are equipped with such incredible eyesight as to see the font.


The little quip got me banned from the forum.


It was my 'first post' on there as everyone who was a Carvin BBS member was required to re-register. Everyone's post history/screennames/etc. was deleted when they switched to the new software.


On the old Carvin BBS, from time to time, I was critical of their products, service etc. when I saw fit. Never had a problem with administrators threatening me when I wrote something that could potentially scare away customers with $100's - $1000's to spend.


...but hurt the feelings of one little nerd web-designer and BLAM!


(P.S. -- When I went back to the site to find my death notice on the board, they corrected some of the problems I complained about relating to font size and brightness).

"Women and rhythm section first" -- JFP
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Carvin does seem to have some problems with zealotry in-house... Console yourself that single-manufacturer/products forums are usually pretty phanboi-oriented which limits their usefulness though for specific questions they often rule.
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Guess there's no need for me to feel obligated to re-visit their forum after my posts last year.


Did they ever decide to listen to the voices that think a BXR 210 or 112 would actully be a good idea?


Or a rackmount preamp?

- Matt W.
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If you want to talk about Carvin stuff without dealing with Carvin's management, there's always this site:


Carvin Museum


A lot of the same folks who used to frequent the Carvin site (before the Religion Wars and the Great Lounge Purge) are there, so it's a useful source of information.


There's even an off-topic lounge, if you register.



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Curiosity got me so I took the information highway over to the new forum. The visibilty isn't so bad now, it's fine in my opinion. It's obvious that they made the visual design allign with their new brand image.


There is a new section specifically for product suggestions. I hope they check it out once in awhile.

- Matt W.
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