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Help with Ibanez Prestige SR1005


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Hy, recently I' get an Ibanez Prestige SR1005, walnut finish, and this very awesome bass, the construcction its gorgeous, and the sound is great, but, this is an active bass, and the pickups are Bartolini, but the Electronics are Vari Mid, by Ibanez, and the sound is good but I think that this bass don't have "Power", I have a Fender P Bass "Standard" but Modified With Basslines Quarter Pounder (Pasive) and Bad Ass II bridge, and the sound of this Fender Is much Powerful Than the Ibanez, Please any help I will apprecciate :wave:
God Bless You All
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Welcome to the Forum, Naldo! :wave:

I'm not too crazy about combining the Bartolini pickups with the Ibanez preamp, seems like it was a way to take advantage of the name and save a few dollars not using the Bart preamp.

I couldn't recommend a specific model because there are some new ones out there, so check out THIS LINK to Bartolini or (THIS LINK to their site map) and do a little reading.


I have the NTBT preamp (a.k.a. the NTBTG) on a couple of basses with Bartolini J-style pickups, and they are little monsters when combined together, but recently a studio engineer detected some noise being generated by the preamp. Hence my hesitation on recommending the NBNT.


You may have an issue trying to fit the electronics into the existing cavity, so I'd recommend sending them an e-mail with your needs and seeing what they recommend. Good luck!

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