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bass player (acoustic/electric) needed for military jazz band

Dave Horne

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Hi, I'm a regular over in the Keyboard forum and know that an old friend of mine is retiring from the USMA Band's Jazz Knights.


If you're younger than 35, can play and read well, this might be a job for you.


I retired from that band over ten years ago as a piano player. While I was there I worked eight years along side Jimmy Cammack. Jimmy is now the player with Ahmad Jamal. There have been many excellent players to go through that organization.


If you're interested go to ...


Link to USMA Band vacancy page

No guitarists were harmed during the making of this message.


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Sorry, I already did my time in the Army band system. I got my C1 qualifier (for bass) in '86. And I am a million times the player I was then.


You should try anyway, Maury. If you can play upright and read, it's great duty.

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