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so power amps, power amps, and, well, power amps...


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are all power amps created equal?


basically....how to no name power amps compare to name brand ones?


i.e.: THis one


as compared to a crown or Yamaha power amp????



the ebay no name brand seems to have power, good construction, and userfriendly options.



SO whats the difference????


is there anything wrong with cheaper, smaller power amps as opposed to the behemoth 4 rackspace tall crown amps that are so common????





p.s. i'm talking about using it for a PA system, not for my bass (A Carvin R1000 is plently loud, ;) )



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That amp is 350W RMS into 4 ohms -- you'll be using it to power vocals only fold back, right?
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I wouldn't buy a brand that is not backed by a well-known company unless it was obviously making some waves in the industry. Who knows where the support will be and where the buck stops.


I haven't been following the power amp market closely since I got my current lightweight-but-incredible PA amps, but I'm guessing Carvin power amps are still one of the best-spec'd and reliable amps around in the lowest prices I would consider buying in at. They are fairly light for not being Class D or G and Carvin also makes FOUR-channel versions which would be great for a band on abudget to run a couple of monitor mixes and mains, or one monitor mix, mains, and subwoofers.


A lot of other brand-name amps in the same price range are not as high-spec'd but even they will do the job, and most of them are reliable and have the features that are desirable. There may be some now that sound as good in the price range but as I said, I haven't been checking.

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