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SWR cabinets question


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I'm thinking of buying a 2X10 SWR goliath III junior... any thoughts about this cabinet?? My plan is to buy 2 2X10 but at this point I can only afford one, so I guess it's better to buy it at 8ohms instead of 4 ohms since my amp runs at 4 ohms...right??

I just looked at musician's friend page and they have two different headings: SWR goliath junior III bass speaker AND SWR goliath junior III speaker cabinet........any difference beteween these two?? if not, so why do they put them in two different places??

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I own an swr goliath III 410, and I also own two aguilar 210's which I run together, or sometimes individually. I bought the 210s separetly, for a while I used either one 210, a 210 and a 410, or just the 410. I currently use the two 210s together.

Ive used two stacked swr goliath 3 jrs with an swr sm 900 on top before.

I think the swr cabs sound good, they sound great if you can set the eq on your amp to compliment them and you're in a room with good acoustics. However, the tweeters on swr cabs are really harsh and they produce an exorbant amount of hiss. The tweeters on my aguilar cabs have much less hiss, and they are smoother. The aguilars are in general, a bit smoother and juicier, with a little more punch and bottom.

If I were starting again though, I'd probably save some more and buy an accugroove cab. I'd probably sell all of cabs right now to get a whappo jr or similar. A little risky though, as I'd be selling them separately and I'd have to sell each one to get the whappo jr. What happens if I can't sell the last one!!!

Anyway, only time will tell.

If you like the sound of swr cabs go for it. Make sure each cab is rated at 8 ohms

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Alex and Maury both use acme lowb2's, so does donut. They are designed to be very transparent with a lot of bottom and clear highs and a balanced sound. They are VERY power hungry though, so you should make sure you have a good powerful amp to drive them. They are priced affordably as well. Other transparent sounding cabs are made by euphonic audio, accugroove, and another good contender would be epifani. You should also looka t bergantino. Yous hould find a lot of places to try these cabs in New York, then you can decide which is right for you.
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