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I'm BACK!!!


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First of all, Maury, that is a sweeeeeeeet Lull. Please allow me to playa hate in my heart for just a moment.


Jeremy, the combination of CHEAP housing, lots family and a couple of good, inexpensive universities was too much to resist. With all of my family here I can take road gigs and not worry nearly so much about my wife and child. It is a bit of culture shock though, even though I am from here. Must make lots of trips east.


Adrian with a new show - congratulations! Steady bread in this business is always welcome.


I missed you guys, it's good to be back.

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Good luck to you and yours in your new home, Thomas!


Say hi to Jane for me (sorry I never met her in person) and give a big hug to your beautiful daughter, Sydney!


Hope you have reviewed the changes to Back Home in Indiana!


(for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, the Charlie Parker tune, Donna Lee, with which Jaco introduced himself to us [it's the first song on his first album], uses the same chord changes as Back Home in Indiana).

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"Back Home Again in Indiana", damn, I hate that song! Everybody seems to do it in F. I will probably have to play it this Friday - on tuba.


Back home again, indeed.

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