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URB Players/Students/Teachers: Listening Suggestions


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I'm getting ready for my Junior recital this semester (I'm a music performance major if you didn't know) and I was curious if any of you are familiar with any of the pieces and if you might have any suggestions for which soloists and recordings to check out if you have any personal favorites.


Two of the pieces I'm playing (I'm just throwing this one together because I'm saving my favorite pieces for my Senior recital next year) are Capuzzi's Concerto in F Major for the Double Bass (I'm playing the version edited by Francis Baines) and Bottesini's Elegy in D Major (edited by Frank Proto). The other two are Beethoven pieces...a Sonnatina and Minuet from "The Pink Book." I think the actual name of the book is "Solos for the Double Bass" but everyone has always just called it "The Pink Book."


They're all decent pieces. Nothing too fancy because, as I said, I'm saving the best for the Senior recital. So...anybody familiar with the pieces? Any recomendations for listening?

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I have taught the Capuzzi and the Beethoven. I use that "Pink Book" frequently.


I am unaware of any recordings of these selections. They are not generally a part of a solo repertoire.


In the same general class as these, you might get the book "Album of Ten Classical Pieces" edited by Stuart Sankey. There are a couple of very nice solos there.

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