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Wow! I introduced myself and ...


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This is funny! On my way to work yesterday afternoon, I noticed the October issue of Bassplayer came in the mail. So I grabbed it on my way out. Now usually I'm pretty excited about new issues coming out, but today I had to work a 16 hour day...so I wasn't quite in the excitable type of mood! Later that evening, I took my lunch and checked for messages on my cell. Well, I had about 20 messages congratulating me in being in this months Bassplayer! I thought "no way"! So I took it out of my backpack and Low and Behold...there I am in the "Introduce Yourself" section! I just got home from work this morning and I'm still flippin' out over it! I just want to say "Thanks" to the BP staff...you guys rock!
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i was lucky enough to be one of the first people selected to be in that section, kinda cool to talk to the editor of Bass player Magazine about being in his mag.



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