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I got some awesome stuff the other day...


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I recently ordered a Ibanez Sound Gear 305DX bass, AKG WMS40 wireless system, and Fostex X-12 4-track tape recorder...and I must say...it all ROCKS!


The Ibanez is an amzing bass...great action and sound and really good tone controls. And the bridge looks really cool with the little gaps. I love it!


The AKG wireless system is more than I expected..it handles my dropped A easily and has range out the butt. I was set up at my church (thick brick walls) and went to the pastors house to get our drummer and when I came back my brother said I never cut out or anything (I made sure I played the whole time).


The Fostex recorder isn't bad for what it is...the only thing it needs is an undo button haha...I boo-booed...but it does sounds good. It's easy to use and sets up in under 2 seconds. And you CAN use regular tapes as long as they're 90 min....but tracks 3 and 4 won't play back on a normal tape player so you have to transfer from the recorder to a stereo and record(hopefuly you know what I mean).


So if anyone is in the market or considering these things...my review is don't hesitate and buy them. (I paid a total of $580 for all of this) :wave:

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On the Fostex, actually tracks 3 and 4 will play back on a normal cassette player, but they'll play in reverse. Might be interesting to listen to, eh? Congrats on the new toys...er...uh...tools.



Old bass players never die, they just buy lighter rigs.

- Tom Capasso, 11/9/2006


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