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Incubus..Live at Red Rocks DVD


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OMG!!! I am Totally in love with incubus again. My Drummer picked up the DVD 'live at red rocks'(i think it's pretty new i dunno...well it's got Ben Kenney playing bass) cos we had nothin else to do and our guitarist was busy. So we chucked in the DVD and watched. Holy crap...before watching it i didn't really think much of Ben Kenney (hadn't really heard much of his playing) because i loved Dirk lance's playing on the earlier stuff. But damn...Can this guy play!! And not just bass...he can play drums too!! the Percussion medley with hose, Ben and brandon is totally kool! This is a must see it totally rocks!! :D

Has anybody else seen any tottally rockin DVD's laterly? Alright thats enuff totally's for me...

Thanx :wave:


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I have it and watch it fairly often. It was the first thing by them I ever picked up. Made me a fan!


You're right about Ben Kenny, in fact the whole band seem to be very good musicians.


On a personal note, if I could have but one performance dream come true it would be to play to a full house at Red Rocks. I've been facinated by the place ever since I saw U2's concert video (Under A Blood Red Sky) back in the 80's.

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Is there any funky playing going on on that DVD? I'd get it for myself if it had some tasty bass-drum interaction without distorted guitars...

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