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Larry Graham VS. Nathan East


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In your opinion, who did more for the instrument? Lets compare/contrast the two players. One I consider a great player and the other I consider an innovator. What did each man do for the bass?


This is an opinion question, so lets hear it. :thu:

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Innovation wise, Lary Graham. I have a poster of Nathan in the room I teach. I point to it and tell my students. That guy up there can play his ass off, but he can ride a root note and leave people just as mystified as a shredder.

Mike Bear




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I like both players quite a bit, Nathan is a great example of a working bass player, I ejoy what he did with Carlton.


But Larry was far more of an innovator, adding to the development of percussive playing, Sly and the Family Stone is pretty cool stuff as well.


I say Larry Graham

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