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Acid Pro 3.)


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Hey guys watsup?

I've been searching for ages to find Acid Pro 3 (well the downloadable trial version anyways).....and seeing as i'm only on my shitty computer at the moment (it's running Win 98) it doesn't run Acid 5 which i currently have on CD at the moment. I've been searching for Acid 3 for ages but...it seems like its vanished off the face of the internet!! i think it's something to do with the fact that sonic foundry sold acid and all that to sony? can you plz help me out guys as i'm desperate for an acid fix.....


Parra :wave:

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well, i dont know all that much about acid, but, about your computer..... if you look at the dell website, every month or so they have a deal for a week where you can get a brand new, 2.5ghz computer with monitor, running windows xp for under 300, so to me, it seems you are right in due time to invest in a new computer buddy..... sorry i couldnt be more help :(
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