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Metal Zone Bass !!!


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Hi All,

Can anyone give me some addvice how I can get a good metal distortion on a bass guitar?


I have a Boss MT2 metal zone but I don't seem to find good settings for it. Who can help me with these settings?

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I have a Boss ME-50B and a MXR M-80 that can both do some serious heavy metal shred. You should be able to get the distortion you want with that Boss Metal Zone pedal, the only thing is you'll lose most of your lows. Trick is to be able to blend your dry signal with the distortion to maintain the bottom end, your Boss stomp box is designed for guitar and does not do this. The two pedals that I've mentioned both allow you to set the gain and blend in as much distortion as you want with the direct signal. The ME-50B has the Metal Zone distortion, but it's also a multi-effect processor that is a little pricey (@$300). The MXR runs about $120 to $135 and is also a useful preamp/DI.


There are other bass specific distortion/overdrive pedals on the market that are cheaper and have the ability to blend wet and dry signals. Look at the Boss ODB-3 and the Digitech Bass Driver.


Hope this helps.

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