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i just got new strings and...


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This could be a function of either the "nut" at the tuner-end of the neck or the bridge.


At the nut, check to see if the strings fit down all the way into the groove. If not, you can either:

a) make the groove wider (BUT NOT DEEPER!!!) or

b) go back to your old strings (but preferably a new set)


At the bridge, you may have had taper-wound before, whereas now you do not. Anyway, like at the nut, the strings may be sitting too high at the bridge. Unlike the nut, problems at the bridge are generally solved with a different bridge, or different strings.




Maybe the strings you put-on are MUCH higer tension than the old. Switching from rounds to flats, or to a much heavier gauge can do that.


If your nut & bridge look OK, I'd be real careful with having too much "bow" in your neck. Truss-rod adjustment is needed.

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Phil, I think you're going a little too far - it's almost definitely the higher tension causing the neck to bend a little and therefore the trussrod needs a little tweak to bring things back in line. A simple fix requiring a suitably sized wrench and that's it.


Turn the rod 1/4 or a turn one way and leave it for a good few hours and see if the action has come downn (i.e. the relief lessened). If it's become worse, turn the rod 1/4 of a turn the other way, let it settle for a few hours and then turn it another 1/4 turn. Keep tweaking with plenty of settling time between - it can take a day to before it stops moving. Get too enthusiastic and you could break the rod and that's messy! Be cautious and all will be well within a few days.


The other obvious alternative is that you've gone from taperwound string to conventional strings. This will require you to lower the action at the bridge, which normally involves turning a couple of small allen screws supporting each bridge saddle until the saddles are where you want them.


If you can tell us what your bass is, then the wise men here can tell you which way to turn the trussrod to straighten the neck.



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