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Question I've Always Had: The effect of an added pickup on the tone


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Let's say you have a plain ol' Fender P-bass. (the year or exact model isn't important) and you want to add an additional pick-up.


Will getting work done on the Bass physically change the sound of the bass WHEN THAT NEW PICKUP ISN'T BEING USED?

In other words...when you dial out the new p'up will the Bass sound identical to it did BEFORE you did the work...OR does "something" sonically change once you start drilling and diggin' around?


PS: I'm not talking aboot changing the dollar value, I'm asking aboot the SOUND.

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I don't know that routing a single pickup hole and wire cavity would make discernable difference, but it might. After all, change the mass of the bridge and the tone is drastically effected. Some people add mass, in the form of a brass plate, under the bridge to improve the sound.


But a pickup routing probably wouldn't matter. But don't quote me! :D


The other problem is to isolate the pickup electronically. If you attach the pickup to the existing volume and control tone pots, I think the additional wiring would definitely effect the sound.


Now, if you truly love the tone of the bass you have, don't alter it. Buy another, or buy a Stew-Mac Body, and experiment.

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