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Cutting to hear better???


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I seem to remember a thread a few weeks ago that I cannot find. The gist of it was that freqs below @ 50hz ought be cut as they are mostly inaudible, thus freeing headroom for audible frequencies.


I'm wondering what folks who agree with the above concept might think about THIS?? SWR\'s new amps boost freqs from 20hz up to whatever the user specifies in his settings.


Has anyone tried it? How does it sound?

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Two immediate applications come to mind:

1) Playing in quiet setting, where low-freq boost is needed (like "loundness" button on stereo)

2) At high-volume, replacing the drummer's "kick-drum"...


BTW - I thought Fender took-over SWR. Looks like they the SWR name "lives"!

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I believe this circuit is like an Aphex Big Bottom in that it compresses and boosts these frequencies, therefore adding bottom without sucking up too much headroom.


The 5+ switch on GK amps adds 10dB @ 20Hz (ish) but I suspect this is to the old 800RB voicing which may have a hefty roll-off in the lows so the switch just flattens the response out.



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