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Bigger and Better


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Hey, I have a question. I have a Fender Rumble 100 Bass amp. 100 watts. In a thread down yonder, by Dark, people state over and over that 100 watts will NOT cut it. I have used my Rumble in school chapels, church, and full volume practices and have never had need to go over three. 10 seems outrageously loud wherever I am, and, if I ever have need to get louder or better tone, there is a "Line Out" jack for it. And I could get it mic-ed (sp?). So, my question is, am I missing something in the reasoning for bigger and better amps? Why would I upgrade from 100 watts?

K, seeya

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If your experience tells you the Rumble 100 does the job, don't worry about what anyone else says! All we do here is share our opinions & experience, and Dark's experience is not MY experience which is not YOUR experience.


The cool thing is that IF the day ever comes when 100w is no longer enough, you'll find a slew of good-sounding, well-designed amps from which to select. Until/unless that day comes, don't worry about it.

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This is the oldest confusion in the world. Just because the volmune control is on three doesn't mean your not using the entire 100 watt output of the amp.


If you are using a normal type bass pickup(ie. non piezo)you will max out the 100 watt output of your amp by 5-6 on the volume. Turning it up past that point just adds more distortion not more volume.

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