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OT: The "next big thing"


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omg, that's soo funny


it's actually a catchy song, but you can't take it seriously once you see the singer/keyboardist.


and the drummer looks like his glasses could magnify an amiba.



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Music is its own reward



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You've re-established my faith in the music industry. The title should have read "Clear Channel: The Early Years."


I like the Ripper. Beautiful drum fill...and right while the camera was zoomed in!


ATM, what constitutes a "proper" band?

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Originally posted by ATM:

Here is what it sounds like when a proper band plays that song.


Source: Dad's "The Ventures Play Telstar/The Lonely Bull" LP.



This was one of my favorite albums growing up (for the music as well as the cover!)




I still love playing Pipeline & Wipe-out.



Push the button Frank.
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Seriously tho... I'm totally diggin Chief Turnatrick from The Pimpaho Tribe! I wonder if that drummer could see people waving on a map....



OK, maybe I'll take my Mom's old advice for when you don't have anything nice to say and ...............................

Call it..... pointless?

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