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Theory Question


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If you are playing in the key of A, and want to do a 4 note walk from the A note up to the D note, what are the correct notes to play?


Is it A, A#, B, C# then D? Or is it A, B, C, C# then D? Either one sounds like it could work to me, but I personally prefer the first one. Is one theoretically correct or more often used than the other?

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It really depends on what style you're playing in. If it was blues, I would probably play A-B-C-C#-D. Sometimes though it boils down to what you think sounds the best. If it sounds good, why argue with it?

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My teacher has been making me do triple approach- the first note is the root of the chord and the other three notes of the bar approach the root of the next chord. With the triple approach it can be:


A B C C# then D (as suggested already)

or A F E D# then D

or A C# E D# then D

or A E D# C# then D

or A E C# D# then D

or A C C# D# then D

or A D# C C# then D

or A C D# C# then D



I like triple approach because it creates tension as you funnel down to the root of the chord.

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