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Shameless Self-Promo Gig Spam

Max Valentino

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Forgive my use of the bandwidth, but if any of you might be in the Santa Cruz/ Bay Area this weekend I will be performing at "The Attic" in Santa Cruz on Sunday evening May 8.


I will be performing solo as part of a four act concert which also features fellow solo bassist ghost7 (Dan Soltzberg) as well as experimental/improvisational artists Matt Davignon and Amar Chaudhary and Christopher Cohn.


It should be quite exciting. I will be debuting material from my upcoming solo CD...and a few other tricks as well.


The Attic is located at 931 Pacific Ave Santa Cruz CA. Show time is 7-10 pm. MY set starts at




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Much as I'd like to, I will be in Turin, Italy this weekend for a lads break of fine food, wine and site-seeing. Enjoy the gig. Davo
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Hi Max, I'm in town this weekend but have been sick all week and have a heavy schedule including a negotiation for the West Bay Opera on Sunday. If I'm done in time and feel OK I try and come by. I did get the email from Rick Walker promoting the event. What time will you go on?


By the way, to those in the area that are interested in attending there is no charge for the event.



I have basses to play, places to be and good music to make!
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he goes on at 9:15 Wally. I really wish I could go Max, but the venue is some hours away and it's a school night. Nonetheless, Good Luck!

BTW, where approximately are you in so cal?

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