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Recommend a good begginers DVD!

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I know you are gonna see me as the begginer after u read this but a friend recommended this website cuz he said I can find a lot of help with all of u fellow bassists well truth is im a begginer but i love it already and I acually pulled out Slayers - Raining Blood by ear well acually just the chorus and first verse. I need to know what a good BASS DVD to buy as a beginner. A DVD thall show me eveything i need to know and maybe another DVD pk maybe advanced or slap????!!!! PLZ
Always an opion but deaths a sure one.
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First of all, welcome to the LowDown!


You may have a couple of people mention the "Search" option. You may have some cringe on your IM style typing.


That out of the way, check this Topic: Instructional Books/CD/DVDs and this Topic: Ed Friedland Slap Bass DVD.


Hope to see you around!



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