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GT-6B: Replace battery?


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I'm looking closely at the Boss (seemingly made by Roland...) GT-6B. I see that it displays a "battery low" indicator when the internal battery gets low - but you have to have the battery replaced by a "certified Roland Service Center"!


Anyone have any experience with this, to know:

* How long does the battery last (months? years?)

* Is it really something you can't replace yourself?

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the issue is probably that they used volatile flash memory to store presets and whatnot. this means it needs to have a battery to store those presets and not lose them after the unit is disconnected from the power supply.


so if you don't mind the risk of losing your presets, maybe you can open it up and check what kind of battery is in there. go get one (maybe radio shack, rite-aid, or a jeweler) replace it. i have seen some manufacturers actually solder the battery in to save money (a battery clip can be several cents), so that might be part of the issue, too.


it never hurts to poke around on the inside, because it may serve to convince you to take to a service center, or you may be able to do the work by yourself. just make sure the warranty isn't void by opening it up.



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