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Finally . . . My GAS shall pass.


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So, my next purchase is an M. Kelly A/E 5. I thought I would get the Dragonfly but I think I will settle for the Stab 5. When we go camping/fishing with the boys things can get rowdy and dirty in a big hurry and I really am quite anal about my gear so a $500 bass around the campfire is probably a lot more stress than I need.


The point to this is I finally found a battery powered amp that I wouldn't worry to much about either.




At $130 shipped and with the 6-10 hour battery life how can I miss? 30 watts is more than enough to keep up with even the loudest acoustic guitar.


I will be golden by my birthday in early June. Pic and review then.

"He is to music what Stevie Wonder is to photography." getz76


I have nothing nice to say so . . .


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My harmonica player has one at home I use to jam with on summer BBQs in his backyard. It could just be his, but I get pharts when I overdrive it a bit. Then again, I never tried it with an AEB/piezo pickup, so I'll have to get back to you on that. My advice is to check one out in the store using the Kelley.

Try B4U buy. :wave:

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