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4-Track Minidisc recording question

Fear of Napalm

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My Reel-to-reel multi-track is out of commission so I got a Sony MDM-X4 for cheap.



I have a Sony MDM-X4 4-track recorder and was wondering is it possible to record in stereo on one track instead of using up two (one track panned hard left the other panned hard right). I was reading somewhere you could but it didn't really give any explanations.



this was the info that I read.


"The MDM-X4 offers a separate stereo input (playback tracks 5 and 6) in addition to input/output tracks 1-4. This means that if you want to input a stereo source such as CD, you don't have to use up two of your 4 recording tracks doing so. Likewise, you could conceivably connect the stereo output from a second mixing board with as many mics as necessary, though they would have to be mixed in onto your four recording tracks. "



This is probably a shout in the dark but some info would be appreciated. The manual wasn't tons of help either.

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The info you are reading is referring to inputs, not recording tracks. It's referring to the fact that you can connect a CD player or external mixer to the unit without using up one of the 4 dedicated mono inputs. If you wanted to record the inputs coming in on 5 and 6, you'd have to put them on two of the 4 tracks, or sum them onto one track, but then it would be mono (and yucky).


Hope this helps.

"For instance" is not proof.


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