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Orange settled it - Tubes vs Transistors


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This is not really earth-shaking news.



Everyone already knows that tubes are louder than transistors. :D


(Where's greenboy or TBL's Bill Bolton to ridicule me for that statement?) :confused:


I just don't want to carry around a 900 watt tube amp. My 900 watt solid-state amp weighs enough already.

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Well in the first place no matter what Orange tells you 4 6550 tubes cannot put out 200 watts RMS.

More like 125 watts at the onset of clipping.

It is always unfare to compare tube and transistor amp power ratings. A tube amp generally sounds like a transistor amp rated 5 to 10 times as high. I.E. an 80 watt fender dual showman will "sound" to be as loud as a 400 watt transistor amp. The reason for this is that the tube amp will put out transisents far beyond it's steady state output rating. Also the tube distortion is not as objectionable as transistor hard clipping.

Recently i jammed with another bass player who used an old ampeg b-15 with a JBL speaker. It was easily as LOUD but not clean as an SWR workingmans 12 i was using. B-15 is 40 watts on a good day with fresh tubes and caps. Swr is 120 watts but itwas not as loud as the B-15.


Bottom line is this Orange amp will be plenty loud for a rock gig, but any tube SVT will blow it's doors off.

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