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"Classic Album" DVD Series

Dave Brown

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I was introduced to this series here on this board, in the "What's Playing on your DVD?" Thread.


I immediately purchased the "DSOTM" DVD. As I've said before, incredible.


Yesterday, I bought every one my local Borders had in stock...that is to say, "2". "Rumors" and "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road."


I just have to say that these films really explore the musical, technical, emotional and historical aspects of making great music. You must watch them.


For example, in "Rumors" the film explores the romantic breakups in the group. Singer/songwriter Christine and bassist John McVie discuss this in depth.


Christine was divorcing John and dating the lighting director, for whom she wrote "You Make Lovin' Fun." "Songbird" was written with John in mind.


John had to go in the studio and then onstage and play his heart out to those tunes, even while it was breaking. And he did.


I have never seen such an incredible display of professionalism anywhere. Amazing.


Y'all go out and get some of the others.


Here's a link to the series home page: Eaglevision.

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I just purchaseD two DVDs..

The Doobie Brothers from Soundstage.. Two live shows with the Michael McDonald Doobies..Tom Johnston had already departed. Tirone Porter is great on the bass and is a very good vocalist as well. The Doobies had very strong vocals throughout the band...


The second was The Funky Meters live in New Orleans ..2000. Great show


I have The Average White Band, Procol Harum and a Marcus Miller that I will be watching very soon....



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I felt let down by the DEF LEPPARD: MAKING OF HYSTERIA dvd.

It was reeeally long but, they didn't delve deeply into the actual recording of the record. I guess it's because the record was made before everyone and their mother walked around with a video camera. Plus...Mutt Lange hates being filmed & photographed.

Either way, I don't really need to hear the details of Ricks car accident AGAIN. Or how successful the tour was. Yada yada yoda.

"I don't play Bass..I play SONGS."
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Originally posted by dcr:

In addition to DSOTM, my local borders also has the making of "Aja." Now THAT would be a must-see!!!

It is! Chuck Rainey's bass playing on that and the story he tells alone make that essential viewing, but really it's great all around.


The classic albums DSOTM DVD is also great as is the Bob Marley & The Wailers "Catch A Fire" and Jimi's "Electric Ladyland."


OTOH, the "Who's Next" and "The Band" DVDs were pretty disappointing, IMHO and I'm a big fan of both of those bands.

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I've got Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols. I love those behind the music kind of DVD's / Shows.

I also have The Clash: Westway to the World which covers their whole career.

Both are fantastic IMHO.

"Start listening to music!".

-Jeremy C

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