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Family Ties, so to speak


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For some reason I scooted over to the political forum for the first time just to see what the hot topic of the moment was. I did'nt post, but after five minutes of reading I was very offended. Thank all of you that there is a place like this forum where we are all non-partisan groove miesters untited by the common love of low endiness. It's good to be back among friends. By the way stay away from the political forum unless you are in the mood for a heated debate :thu:
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As I said before, My basses hold affiliation with no political party.


Welcome home brother.

"He is to music what Stevie Wonder is to photography." getz76


I have nothing nice to say so . . .


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It just makes you realize all the more, that music is the only true universal language, and the one thing in our lives that unites us all as citizens of this planet.


Most everything else serves to divide us...


Language, religion, color, race, worldview, political affiliation, it's all about division.


But music is one of the best construction materials known to us, for building bridges between us, across the stormy seas of life.


If you don't believe me, go to take another look at that political forum, where there is no music.

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